Friday, 22 April 2011

New house!

It's an exciting time for my family and I - our cooling off finished yesterday, on the purchase of our new home! This images were taken the day we went to sign papers to purchase. As you can see - we have copious work to do. The exterior of the house is Angaston stone - from a local Barossa quarry - which unfortunately has been painted with what appears to be a rubberised type of paint - we've been told it's near impossible to remove without damaging the stone, but this needs more investigation.

It's a modest 3 bedroom house, built in 1955, and very much loved by an older couple who has now moved on to a retirement village. We plan initially to polish the baltic pine floorboards, paint, and install wardrobes in the house in order for us to move in. We also need to take down some of the existing garages and shed in the half acre yard (most of which have lean to constructions built on to them) and the chook run, and start again with a large shed/garage and a lined room (which Leon thinks is going to be a party/pool table room, but I covet for my work room...fingers crossed!)

Eventually, we want to build a large light-filled extension onto the rear (this will be when I get my new kitchen and bathroom - more finger crossing here) but we want to live in the space for a while before we start on this.

The garden needs a good tidy up, but has a myriad of plants that are quite old fashioned, some of which I haven't seen before. Does anyone know what tree produces these pods below?

Or what these almost ridiculously fake coloured bulbs are?

Some incredible mature trees here - we're very lucky!

I have this ache to create for this house - to sew, to garden, to cook, to nurture this place, for myself and my family. 30th of June is our settlement, and then the first of the renovations begin!


Swati said...

Oh this looks so sweet. And the yard is so beautiful!

Nita Morgan Kilpatrick said...

Congrats on your new house! I hope you and your family spend many happy years there.
I don't know what the pod tree is called but when the pods go brown and split open they are full of little pricky fibers that give you a nasty itchy rash! (I would remove it)
The bulbs, I think are called either ox tongue or elephants tongue and are a very old cottage garden bulb, If your not keen on them, perhaps there is a heritage garden group who would take them.
Warmest Regards

Natalia said...

Thanks Nita! The tree is at the back of the block where I want to plant a vegie patch, so that's really useful info to have. The bulbs I adore - I knew they were old fashioned, and I also know that several of my gardening friends will be begging me for some ;) Thanks again! xo

Natalia said...

Thanks also Swati! xo

melanie said...

your tree with pods is an Illawarra Flame Tree - Brachychiton Acerifolius (or one of it's rellies, maybe, a Queensland Lacebark - Brachychiton Discolor) both stunning trees!

House looks gorgeous!

melanie said...

I think the fifth pic is a caesalpinia but it will be easier to tell properly when it flowers.

melanie said...

and I think the yellow one with all the little pods is an Ash, but I don't really know them at all, to identify it.

UniqueDichroic said...

Congratulations Nat!
Yes the bulbs are Elephant Ears... they will grow two HUGE leaves.
And they look pretty crowded so you'll be able to lift and separate them after they die down.

Chrisy said...

Darlin so happy for you...and yes such potential...but no hurry...take your time...a really solid home and a big block...I think you're going to be very happy here....

Natalia said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone! I am very excited, and really looking forward to this! Thinking of starting a new blog to document the progress on the place...with all my spare time... ;)