Monday, 5 July 2010


Another lovely day in the Barossa! The boys and I started off at Woodside, where I attended a photo shoot for Itchypod at Thomas for Roses, then had a lovely mocha at the Bakery.

William being exceptionally regal on the Clydesdale statue in Angaston.

While Leon finished off at work, the boys played while I soaked up the winter sun.

Then we were off to Maggie Beer's for lunch. This peacock just could not show off enough! He hopped down from the wall where we was sunning himself after the cameras stopped clicking.

Both Leon and Jacob enjoyed a pheasant terrine, while William and I had picnic baskets of cheese and fresh bread.

After a quick photo opportunity by the lake, we started back home. Every time I leave the Barossa to come home to Adelaide, I feel I'm leaving my true home. I am so looking forward to a time where our family is settled there.


Panda said...

I know all those places well, living in the Barossa myself. It is a lovely place to live, but dang cold right now let me tell you!

Natalia said...

Oh Ms Panda - where do you live? The boy has a job in Angaston, so we are hopping to move there at the end of the year. And yes - v cold atm! Cooking Maggie Beer's Macaroni Cheese right now to combat it. :)