Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Open Home

There are some new favourite parts of my house, now that it's all primped and preened, looking it's best, and ready to be sold.

A trio of vases - the multi hued glass vase was a gift from a dear friend - the pod vase a gift to myself - from whitneysmith.

Gorgeous lidded pot from StudioElan, vintage deco glass lidded jar bought on eBay, and Russell Hobbs salt and pepper whatsits (a little guiding light goes on when you grind seasoning on your food!)

My gorgeous candle that smells completely divine - and it's not even lit yet - from monkeysalwayslook

Whimsical - and wonderful - portraits of my boys by the talented Claire Richards.

A vintage Grundig radio/record player that Leon's parents were going to take to the tip! We rescued him, and he now lives with us. Note this fabulous cushion from tractorgirl.

Another cushion from tractorgirl. (She's so clever.)

Red Lotus cushion from Kainkain and scroll cushion from tractorgirl (as above). I am delighted that we finally have this *incredible* artwork framed and hung. I love it so much! From onesweetorange

What are some of your favourite things in your home?


Jodie said...

You're a women after my own heart. Love your decorating style. And I'm probably going to come over and steal stuff. You're ok with that, right?

Natalia said...

I'm so annoyed with myself that I'm only enjoying all of these lovelies now the house has to look pretty! The next place we are in, I vow to love them all the time. If they don't get stolen in the meantime, that is...