Saturday, 12 June 2010

House Hunting

So, we have started house hunting in earnest. Our existing house will be photographed on Tuesday and open inspections commence the weekend after - it's all happening! This is a gorgeous house we looked at yesterday. On a 2000 square metre block, I love the imposing look of the circa 1910 house, and the gardens are amazing. Leon and I worked out that we would need to spend more than we can afford getting the inside into a state that works for our family, so with reluctance, we are not pursuing this house any further.

As we left, it was William that asked the pertinent question: "Does the house come with the tyre swing?"


melanie said...

oh Nat, that's gorgeous. what a shame!

Anonymous said...

that would make it an expensive tyre swing.

planettreasures said...

what a fabulous house! But it has to be practical for you.
good luck with the house hunting - again : )

Maryann said...

Very solid and impressive looking house Nat. Enjoy the searching and house hunting to go. The 'right' one will be there somewhere, just waiting for you to discover it!

Vickie said...

gorgeous looking house, pity about the work.

good luck with your search :)