Saturday, 29 May 2010


The Gorillaz are an amazing virtual band, fronted by Blur's Damon Albarn. The strong graphics are co-created by comic book artist Jamie Hewlett, who also was the co-creator of Tank Girl.

It's interesting to see the Gorillaz most recent work - Plastic Beach - has taken the artwork of the characters to an entirely new level. You can see their new incredibly realistic look here, and waste hours here on the Plastic Beach game.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Chez Larson

All these gorgeous images are from Chez Larson a blog that I follow. This blog makes me so yearn for the move (which will happen later this year) and a house I can love and tend.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Whilst this is an unprepossessing name, the Brickfields earrings are a reminder of the happiest days of my childhood. As a young child, I was fortunate enough to live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a few years. Our wonderful Amah - Jaya Letchumi - called the locale of Brickfields her home (and still does!) and as the generous and warm Auntie she became to me, I was welcomed into her home on many occasions. As I was working on this design, so many fabulous memories came flooding back - the wonderous sights, the busy and noisy house, the array of delicious food, my cheek being painfully pinched, Jaya Letchumi's warm enveloping embrace...I always felt warm, happy and safe there.

Created from a base of goldfill wire which has been shaped and hammered, an overlay of thin sterling wire is punctuated with a flashy labradorite briolette. A length of textured goldfill wire is completed with sterling handforged ear wires, while the crowning glory of this design is the shimmering array of gems that sway at the base of this design. Carefully wrapped to the frame, turquoise and labradorite have been placed on sterling headpins, while the teensy glowing red spinel rondelles have been placed on bright gold vermeil headpins.

Gorgeously dramatic, I can imagine these being supremely helpful on those days you feel like channeling your inner Bollywood! ;)

These measure 6.4cm or 2.5" in length.

All metal is either blackened (oxidised) fine or sterling silver, goldfill - 12k gold bonded to brass - or vermeil - 22k or 24k gold over sterling silver.

Available here.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

A sick day...

Poor William was home the other day with a very very sore tummy. We are getting him checked for gluten intolerance soon, as his symptoms seem consistent with the information I've been seeking. The poor fellow was not well enough to go to school, but not sick enough to stay in bed, so he was at a loose end. I was making these, so sent him off to his room to play solo Scrabble...and in a manner only William could achieve, he came up with the following...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Notice Me

I love these wonderful guerrilla signs created by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert.

From the Notice Me site:

In a visually hectic place like London, where graffiti and street art can be too easily lumped into an ignorable and pesky visual attack, 'Notice Me' blends into the city-scape to evade detection, but have maximum automatic readership.

They speak in a caring, loving, surreal and overall positive way, but in the colors of the authority. Although at child height (mostly) they are also for the parents who may notice that their children are being targeted, hopefully sparking a mixed emotion.

Friday, 21 May 2010

New Designs

I've been very neglectful in posting new designs! (Please click on the image to find out more about these lovelies.)

Most are available in my Etsy store...some are already gone!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mark Ryden

These wonderful works are exquisitely rendered, intriguing and disturbing. I love them!

For more about this artist's work, please see here.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


...all found at this lovely blog.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Such powerful and deceptively simple works, Mark Rothko's paintings are as striking and pause worthy today as when they were first painted.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Belly Dancing

Thank you Hannah, for sharing the amazing clip above!