Monday, 15 March 2010

Lunch at Red Poles

The boys and I decided to have lunch at Red Poles on Sunday, as Leon was out all day at the Clipsal 500. Red Poles has been my most supportive of all the galleries I supply, and I'd never been there for more than a coffee or a glass of wine, and a meal there has been on my "to-do" list for ages!

William showed me some gorgeous little pods he found. I was delighted with him "getting in touch with nature" until I realised that the boys had found some bamboo, split it in half, and were flinging these furry little missiles at each other!

Our lunch, prepared by chef Nat Wilson, was quite incredible.

My lunch: soy poached duck fillet, carrot and daikon coleslaw, baby zucchinis and aillade.

William's lunch: kangaroo fillet with tabbouleh, green tomato and caper relish, chickpea chips and glaze (Jacob had to help him with this one!)

Jacob's lunch: gnocchi with tomato fritto, basil and reggiano.

William's desert: rhubarb and honey ricotta baklava with saffron fairy floss. (Jacob also helped with this one!)

Jacob's dessert: mandarin souffle with pouring cream.

And my dessert: yoghurt and soused fig pannacotta with muscat and almond sauce. (Jacob kindly helped me complete this dish - the joys of having a growing 12 year old accompanying you to lunch!)

It was a gorgeous day. The boys played in the scrub near the grassed area, while I sat and relaxed. It was the first time that I have been to Red Poles on a weekend without it being busy, which was lovely for us, not so good for them!

I still haven't taken "lunch at Red Poles" off my to-do list. It definitely needs to be done again. And if you should happen to visit the McLaren Vale area, I would absolutely recommend a lovely glass of wine in the gardens, at the bare minimum. Oh, and you can also see some beautiful art - and some of my jewellery and brooches - while you are there.


melanie said...

That sounds and looks divine, Natalia! Super yum!

redpoles said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful words and fab photos x its great to have so much support from such clever people xxxxx the red poles gang xx

Orion Designs said...

I love photos of food and these do not disappoint! If I lived closer ... it would definitely be on my lunch-to-do-list.