Sunday, 13 December 2009

A visit to McLaren Vale

Well I have to say, it's about time I'm feeling better! After a fairly rotten week or so of sinusitis/tonsillitis/whateveritwasitis, today marked a real improvement. To celebrate, the family and I went to Market 190 for lunch, which was just lovely. The vibe is very casual and family friendly. I picked up some delicious sounding/looking/smelling Hickory's Run olive oil in mandarin and lemon myrtle flavours - looking forward to trying them in some salads.

After that, we visited Red Poles, very briefly, so I could drop off this new necklace to them.

It was completely packed with people enjoying lunch - in all the years I've supplied this gallery, I've not yet had lunch there, which I must remedy very soon.

And this afternoon, I plan to make jewellery, and listen to music! On my playlist is Thom Yorke, Symbian, and Lunatic Soul. Yay for feeling better!


PinkLizzy said...

That necklace is amazing. YAY for awesome days!

Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

yay for feeling better and omg that necklace is gorgeous Natalia!! You simply must dine there methinks! Today I has breakfast at a winery and it was really nice.... lobster for breakfast!! oh and champange ... needless to say I had a little lay down in the middle of the day :) glad you feeling better Natalia! xoxo

melanie said...

Natalia, that necklace is divine!! I always used to think you were brilliant before, now I think you're even more brilliant!! :D xx

jenny said...

Lucky you! I wish someone would teach me how to make those clutch purses... everytime I try it seems I'm a klutz!

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