Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Design Process - Die Stolze

I thought it might be of interest to see how a kernel of an idea can transform into a design. I don't always work this way, sometimes as I am creating an idea comes to me, but I'm spending more time creating using this process these days.

First I sketch. I have a sketch pad specifically for ideas, and use it when I have designs bursting out of my head, but might not have either the time or the materials to actualise it.

Then it's gem selection, and the outline of the design, which is generally a large gauge wire, which I shape, hammer, and then refine. I also usally wire wrap this with a finer wire, as I've started to here.

Sometimes I wrap the gems individually, and then "string" them on (as I have here). Note the top of the pendant can't be wrapped until these have been placed onto the base.

Completed pendant, then the bail was added. Note the change of heart about what gems to use!

The chain has been added - including extension chain, handforged clasp, and dangle.

The oxidised (and not rubbed back) piece.

The completed design.

I would love to hear your comments! Do you work like this in your chosen medium? You can see the completed work here.


mu-yin jewelry said...

I love how you document the progress! I should do one about my jewelry too! most of the time I don't do a sketch, and sometimes I fail making a new design :(

planettreasures said...

How wonderful to see your process, Nat. The finished piece is gorgeous.
Myself, I hardly ever sketch anything, I'm much more - move things around on the table and see how they go. But then I dont do wire work!

ruby-jo said...

It's great to see the process behind one of your designs. It a beautiful piece too.

innerearthsoaps said...

Tres cool Nat! Thanks for sharing. I don't sketch any soap ideas but I usually jot down ingredients or colours I want to use and put it aside for later.

Edera Jewelry said...

So neat to see your design progress from idea to finished product! You do lovely work :)

Joyce said...

very cool! my sketches look like chicken scratch compared to urs!

msbelle said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for showing your process. Very cool!

I've sketched very few things. I just lay them out to see how they look together, but then I don't make nearly as complicated or intricate pieces as you do. I'm simple! But I do so love your work. :)

Gypsy Rose Creations said...

You make it look so easy...yet i still struggle. I think i prefered it all silver and shiny though. Just my preference. Thanks for sharing. Was interesting.