Friday, 9 October 2009

Alexander McQueen

I just discovered these amazing images from the Alexander McQueen collection launched in Paris mere days ago. The collection was inspired by Charles Darwin's Origin of Species.

I am embarrassed to admit I don't know a lot about Alexander McQueen, but am so intrigued to find out more about his fashion now. I thought the subject matter in this collection was exceptionally ambitious, but I am overwhelmed by the glorious details and stunning colours and textures. The otherworldly makeup, incredible hair stylings and almost fetish-type shoes add to wonderful sense of artistry and theatre.

Images from HollywoodRag, AFP, Reuters. You can see all images here.


Her Divaness said...

I could say I won't say I told you so BUT I shan't!!! I told you he was a god!! The Mighty McQueen. McQueen The Maestro LOL :)

I've worshipped and loved and visually stalked and obsessed over him for years, welcome to the fray.

xo Sheela xo

Martha said...


Penelope Red said...

I love the first dress- stunning, and actually even perhaps wearable (for him, that is). A great artist!