Saturday, 19 September 2009


Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth - both physical and spiritual wealth. Her devotees worship her for her grace, beauty and charm. She also represents fertility, light, generosity and courage - a benign and loving deity.

These decadent earrings have been created around the light blue chalcedony coins. A frame of wire, which was wrapped with rubies, houses two tiers of fine sterling chain, with additional mini tassels of chain to either side of the design. Violet-blue petite briolettes of iolite swing next to teensy coordinated rubies, which punctuate the sweeping tendrils of chain. My hand forged ear wires complete the elaborate design, which has then ben oxidised heavily, and rubbed back lightly.

This extravagent design measures 8.1cm or 3.2".

You can see more photos of this design here in my Etsy store.


Sam said...

Gosh you're good Natalia!!