Friday, 3 April 2009

Some new designs

What a great day today has been so far. Have managed to achieve so much, plus it's my Dad's 60th birthday today!

I bought him this beautiful lisahopkins bookmark with a quote from Geothe inscribed on it. Being a literary minded man, I think he will find this very appealing. I hope so, anyway!

I've been quite down for the past couple of weeks, and haven't managed to feel very creative - cleaning, decluttering and packing in preparation for putting our house on the market has left me unsettled and anxious - not particularly conducive to creativity. So I'm feeling quite pleased that I've been able to pull myself out of this hole - although I had some specials friends from the DUST team who have been exceptionally supportive - thank so much ladies!

Anyway, some new designs to show off.

And now off to have a lovely cup of tea - what a great day!


Penny said...

Gorgeous new designs! Good for you for getting out of your artists block. I find going back to basics helps me when I feel that way... I just make a coinpurse. Find your coinpurse Nat!

Beadsme said...

Nat your work is awesome.

Ange said...

lovely lovely - always lovely! :) you're just so talented!

Great bookmark too!!

Sam said...

They say moving house is right up there for stressful life events - I can totally understand you feeling a little unsettled. But look what's come out the other end - very, very pretty jewellery! I love the earrings especially - so pretty!

michvanetta said...

Love your new pieces Nat.
I so want to touch those pink beads.

Sweet bookmark for your dad too.

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

Beautiful newbies - particularly your Marjorelle earrings. The colour is gorgeous

I'm Julia said...

The Frangipani went in my favorites.. how pretty! Hang in there. Perhaps something better is waiting for you around the corner.