Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Playing catch up - again!

Some of my designs from February and March...with more to follow!

Little Pearl (earrings)

Little Pearl (bracelet)

And more again next time - hope you are enjoying a fabulous week, no matter where you might be!


Gypsy Rose Creations said...

i love the little pearl earrings. i feel in love with them the minute i saw them. So simple, so elegant, so me!
ohhh, im so jealous of your talent!

carmel said...

Thank you Natalia for giving us learners something to aspire to :) You really are a brilliant jewellery designer and a lovely person as well.
Sunday is my favourite still

lyptis said...

Shit man , how many things can u MAKE in a day!

I love the pearl earrings they look like handcuffs, nice interesting different look.

and the 'wild things necklace, reminds me of these musical things, they have little metal tongues u can well, whats the word.. i dont know, but its a wooden box and it makes a sound when u 'pull' those metal things.

also like the one with the big stone, i like u iluminous big chunky rocks, like the 'inner stregth bracelet!

and btw, ure hereby Tagged! if ud like to participate, check out my blog! Cheers!