Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Designs

Another image rich post...catching up on sharing my new designs!

Monochrome Pagoda

All available in my Etsy store, with more designs to come!


lyptis said...

Lovely new designs as always!

I Love the sky blooms, coz they are so cute and small and whimsical!:)

Beadsme said...

Gorgeous, you are so talented.

Absolutely adore the Compassionate Sea.

PinkLizzy said...

So many beautiful designs. I love your work so much.

Gillian said...

Such Fabulous Designs Natalia!

I just LOVE Cocoa Links sooooo much!!!

EminJewelry said...

The Deepest Kiss, really pretty!
You are making really gorgeous jewelry, Natalia!

Chrisy said...

All exquisite stuff...and you photos are perfect!

Emily Gray said...

As flattered as I am that someone would take it upon themselves to defend my work - these designs are most definitely in the general 'ether' now and I'm sorry that Natalia has been accused of copying. It's the most horrible thing one could say to an artist and it only created unhappiness.

We all, knowingly or not, take inspiration from everything we see and sometimes images 'stick' for some reason. I know from my own experience that on a few occasions, I have been totally convinced I have created something fantastically NEW - only to discover pieces quite similar already in existence. It's *very* annoying!

Natalia's work is delightful and she's *such* a lovely person - I'm so sorry this has happened.