Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Year of Jewelry - Week 6 - Wassily Kandinsky

Week 6's Year of Jewelry weekly challenge theme was Wassily Kandinsky. I was fortunate enough to see one of his amazing works, years ago, at an exhibition at Canberra's National Art Gallery. It was a work from Die Blau Reiter movement, which was founded along with Franz Marc (another favourite!) The paintings that most appeal to me however, are the later, more abstract geometric works - such as the famous Composition VIII. I especially love his works that explore circles combined with hard geometric shapes, and thought that I would best be able to translate these to my jewellery.

I started off with a length of sterling wire that I shaped and hammered into a circle, then I coiled thin wire over the frame. To that I added 4 intersecting lines of sterling, securing them to the frame. Over these geometric shapes I added two enameled metal rings - in mauve and scarlet - and a rustic vermeil ring, along with a large plump pale amethyst briolette, and a smaller, slightly darker amethyst faceted round. I attached a generous length of modern angular chain to the pendant - long enough to not require a clasp. To finish Kandinsky's Circles, I oxidised the entire design and then rubbed it back selectively.

More pictures of this design can be seen in my Etsy store.


Chrisy said...

Oh i knnnnow i've said it before...but i mean it this time...this is definitely my favourite of anything uve ever made!

Owl and Fox said...

Damn you're good at what you do! That's gorgeous!

Gillian said...

love this so much Natalia, such an original piece.