Friday, 13 February 2009

Australian Bushfire Crisis

It has been a sad week for Australians. Substantial parts of Victoria have been devastated by bushfires that have been likened to Hiroshima. The sheer scale of loss is unfathomable. As I write this, we have over 230 lives lost and over 1000 houses detroyed, not to mention the lifestock, wildlife and livelihoods destroyed. (This number will deifinitely rise as more areas are invesigated thoroughly).

I am proud to be part of the DUST team (Down Under Street Team) on Etsy, where feliciafairy has established a store to aid the bushfire victims - OzBushfireAppeal. If you can make a purchase or donate an item to sell - all proceeds will be donated each Friday to the Red Cross.


Owl and Fox said...

Hey Natalia, i think you're blog is perfect for this award, so i'm giving it to you! Go here:

katja said...
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katja said...

I guess you're really good, 'coz you're getting another award today:

EminJewelry said...

Very sad about the fire. We worried about you. Glad to know that you are fine.
It is reported here that ex-firefighter made one of the fire, unbelievable!