Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Year of Jewelry - Week 1 - Gone With the Wind

This year I have decided to participate in the Year of Jewelry weekly challenge. This week's theme was "Gone With the Wind", and knowing little about the book or the movie, I did a some research first, including watching the movie while I created this design. I enjoyed the film thoroughly - except for the weak ending - and was really drawn to the town's "bad woman" Belle Watling - a true gem with a kind heart. I made this with her in mind.

An elaborate design, the centrepiece is definitely a large - luscious and shocking! - A grade fuschia chalcedony focal. This has been enhanced with teensy freshwater pearls and labradorite, and finished with large faceted rock crystal quartz, with a special "mystic" coating that gives it tremendous sparkle. The handcrafted chain was made up of coordinating crystal quartz and freshwater pearls linked together carefully, and completed with an extension chain and a handforged spiral clasp. Oxidised in an organic fashion, this was deliberately left a little darker than usual - to both highlight the delicious components and to enhance the textures of the painstaking wire work.

You can see some more pictures here in my Etsy store. Now to get to work on this weeks' theme - Stone Age.


Finki said...

What a striking combination. If this is only week ones fabulous offering, I can't wait for each week to roll on. So clever.

juliesjewels said...


I'm passing an award on to you... just visit my blog to pick it up.

Have a fantastic day


Natalia said...

Thank you ladies! :)

suziwong said...

Yes! definately a Belle inspired piece. I love Belle too...although i must admit Scarlett's complete egoccentrism draws me in LOL...Melly drives me mad; I yell at the screen "get a backbone woman" LMAO
The centre stone colour is fabulous.