Tuesday, 7 October 2008

back to being sociable...

After a fair break from nearly everything online (flickr, myspace, facebook, msn etc) I think I'm ready to break from my sabbatical. 4 months ago, I sold my detailing business which was keeping me away from my family and jewellery, and since then I have been mainly just decompressing. It was a truly stressful time, and I really didn't want to be with anyone, talk to anyone, make contact with anyone for quite some period of time after the sale finally went through.

I've also been seeing a wonderful counsellor, who has been helping me move beyond some disturbing experiences I have had in my life. This at times has been gut wrenching and painful, but I am feeling less burdened and more centred - got to be a good thing, right?

In this post, you'll find the wonderful Etsy Front Pages I've been lucky enough to be in over the past few months.

This lovely front page is by eclecticmoi of the DUST team

This one featured my Dew Drop earrings, which sold shortly afterwards.

The talented spongetta of the Freethinkers Team I am a member of, has featured me in a few treasuries, two of which made the Etsy Front Page. Thank you spongetta!

The gorgeous hannahfaerie featured me in this Front Page:

spongetta featured my It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere earrings in this curation (my tribute to G & T drinkers world wide! ;) )

One of the Front Pages I have curated over the months - an all grey ensemble...

I will update the blog with some recent creations soon. :)